Integrated Health and Safety Forum

The AECIPP Forum or Integrated Health and Safety Plan establishes and promotes mandatory training among companies associated with the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex (CIPP), developing actions that guarantee the physical well-being of its employees. Among the main guidelines of the group is the reduction of accidents within the complex; improving the quality of medical examinations offered to employees; the maintenance of the Pecém Mutual Assistance Plan (PAM); the unified control of documentation between the collaborating companies and, mainly, better working conditions within the facilities of the complex.

Coordinator: Douglas Souza  (Cimento Apodi).
Meetings: Monthly.
How to participate:  All meetings are for associates only and some are open to guests. In order to participate you must confirm via one of AECIPP’s communication channels:

( or by telephone +55 (85) 9.9102.2912.