Ferrovia Transnordestina Logística
Ferrovia Transnordestina Logística (FTL) is a private company that has been transporting rail cargo for 20 years, transporting products safely, regularly and at competitive costs. The company has the concession of the Northeast Railway Network from the former Rede Ferroviária Federal S.A., which was privatized in 1997.

The railway line is currently in operation, with 1,190 km in extension, connects the ports of Itaqui (São Luís/MA), Pecém (São Gonçalo do Amarante/CE) and Mucuripe (Fortaleza/CE), promoting integration and helping to develop the economy in the region. FTL handles loads with 99 locomotives and 1,364 cars.

In 2018, the company transported 2.63 million tons, including 1.4 million of pulp and paper, 610 thousand tons of fuel and 291 thousand of cement.