Daniel Transporte
Daniel Transportes has been operating in the cargo transportation market for over thirty years and has a new fleet of vehicles, 100% tracked by satellite, which offers total security against theft, and in addition, has high-quality performance machinery and equipment as well as trained employees who guarantee top quality service with safety in first place. Founded in 1979, Daniel Transportes began its journey with bulk cargo transportation. In 1992, started working with container transport, consolidating its position as a port operator in 1994 along with the growth of the Port of Mucuripe, thus gaining credibility in the labor market. Currently, Daniel Transportes has its own container terminal, able to carry out all stages of transport, from collection, loading and storage of container cargo. With special equipment and manpower, our company constantly uses technology as the main integration tool and since 2007, our services guarantee all the credibility and security of ISO 9001 quality certification. Thus, the company is an outlier and stands out from the competition.