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2019 was a year that taught us a lot, a very intense year. Until last year we were in Ceará Portos. A company that exclusively managed Porto do Pecém. Today we are more than a terminal, we are the Industrial and Port Complex of Pecém.

A joint venture formed with 70% capital of the Government of the State of Ceará and 30% of the Port of Rotterdam, our partner in this venture that is instrumental for the economy of Ceará.

There is a Ceará after Pecém. We are not talking merely about a port, but about state policy. Pecém has gone through management and is today one of the main development poles in Ceará. We are an anchor of the local economy, but an anchor in motion.

Since 2006 we have grown an average of 20% each year. We are weathering the global economy. Years ago, for example, Ceará purchased energy from other states. Today, we sell the surplus that is produced by the two thermoelectric power plants installed here in the Complex.

We also have one of the largest private investments ever made in Latin America. Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém produces steel plates on Ceará soil that are shipped to more than twenty countries. The world buys our steel, our wind generator blades, our fruit, and buy because we deliver the goods shipped more quickly.

That's because of the location of Porto do Pecém that makes all the difference. It is as Governor Camilo Santana puts it: “we are at the corner of the Atlantic’ and we are. The numbers are there to prove it. In October, we broke a record: 1,927,493 tons handled in a single month. Never before has so much cargo been moved in the Port of Pecém as in October 2019.

All this result is explained, mainly, by the work developed by the professionals of the companies installed in the three pillars of the Pecém Complex: industrial area, port and ZPE the only Export Processing Zone in operation today in Brazil. A free-trade zone that has been inspiring Brazil for more than six years and which will soon be expanded to ZPE II.

This is true growth. No wonder we are also completing the second expansion of Porto do Pecém. An investment of R $ 1.3 billion from the State Government, which will give us a new berth, a new bridge and a new access gate, which we call Gate 2. In other words, we are expanding our operational capacity to move even more cargo.

Next year, Porto do Pecém will complete 18 years of operation. We are still young, but we already know where we want to go, or rather, we want to be the largest port-industry in Brazil by 2050. 

Source: Jornal O Povo

Danilo Serpa – President of Ceará Portos