AECIPP for the common good

The purpose of each and every association is to develop its members and the category represented by them. Professionals obtain more space for their area and even better conditions. It is no different when it comes to an association of companies. We seek more space for companies, work to give voice to the desires of these sectors and strive for greater achievements. Where is the difference? When companies come together for a purpose, the benefits go beyond the production lines and reach thousands of people.

The Industrial and Port Complex Companies Association of Pecém (AECIPP) has this in its DNA: provide benefits to all. This group includes companies, workers and society in general. AECIPP’s Projects are designed with immediate returns for society. We want to help public and private entities to develop the region. In our Thematic Committees, we work to identify integration opportunities between companies in the complex, promote synergies of common processes and activities, develop joint actions to improve capacity building, to attract suppliers of products and services, to improve transportation systems, security, medical care, energy, water and telecommunications, among other benefits.

These are benefits that directly serve the population of São Gonçalo do Amarante, Caucaia and Fortaleza. Helping to develop the region. When this idea is put into action, companies are also benefited. The more structured the CIPP region is, the more companies can invest in expansion and help to further move the economy.

A good example is our approach with SENAI and IFCE to turn the Advanced Campus of IFCE in Pecém (formerly called CTTC) into an important training center of skilled labor for the specialties most required by companies already installed in the region. AECIPP made a survey of the priority competencies and skills required by companies to build, together with SENAI and IFCE, the course curricula most desired by companies in the region. It is good for companies and even better for new professionals in the municipalities where the CIPP is located.

AECIPP is now born, but it is already big. The association represents dozens of companies, thousands of workers and millions of citizens of Ceará, who have much to gain from the strengthening of the Industrial and Port Complex of Pecém. For this reason, the companies that form AECIPP know that they are working for the common good of all.

Fernando Moura – AECIPP’s Former Chairman