Incorporated in 2008, Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém (CSP) is an international joint venture formed by the Brazilian company Vale (50% stake), one of the largest iron ore mining companies in the world, and the South Korean giant Dongkuk (30%), largest steel plate buyer in the world, and Posco (20%), the 4th largest steelmaker in the world and the first in South Korea. With an investment of US $ 5.4 billion, CSP is the first integrated steel mill in the Northeast and the thirtieth steel mill installed in Brazil. Located in an area of ​​571 hectares, CSP is part of the Industrial and Port Complex of Pecém (CIPP), in Ceará, located the first Brazilian Export Processing Zone (ZPE). All of these attributes are instrumental to ensure competitiveness to domestic products. The plant, one of the most modern in Brazil and in the world, started production of steel plates in June 2016. Production is aimed at generating high quality milled products for the shipbuilding, oil & gas, automotive and civil construction industries. The installed capacity is 3 million tons of steel slabs/year in the first phase of the project. CSP is a modern plant, with clean, cutting-edge technology that has sustainability as a driving principal in all its aspects - environmental, social and economic. One of the company's commitments is to provide opportunity to the greatest possible number of professionals from Ceará, and already has around 70% of its employees from Ceará.